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How to solve a rubiks cube

turns: R: right face clockwise L: left face clockwise B: back face clockwise D: bottom face clockwise F: front face clockwise U: top face clockwise a lower case i to change it to anti-clockwise e.g Fi: front face anti-clockwise

(Step: 1) First I would start with the green side, and to do that you have to make a green cross. Start with the red-green middle edge piece. (Remember to put it above the red middle piece. Then do the same with the white-green middle edge piece, the orange-green middle edge piece and last of the yellow-green edge piece.

(step: 2) Find a corner on the bottom layer directly below it's home and do the following turns:
(Ri Di R D) 1, 3 or 5 times until it's in the right place in the top layer. Do this with all four corners and you should have the whole green side done. If you find a square in the wrong place or flipped the wrong way do the following turns (Ri Di R D) 1 time.

(step: 3) you now have get two full rows of each colour in the right place. To do this you have to find a for example red-yellow cube in the top layer and twist it untilthe red part (or yellow) of if is above red (or yellow) middle piece then do the following turns (U R) wait just watch this video:

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