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Celestial Eye

Celestial eye goldfish or choten gan[1] is a fancy goldfish that has similar finnage to ryukins and fantails. It has a characteristic pair of telescope eyes which are turned upwards.[2]

Celestials are a relatively small variety of goldfish that does not have dorsal fins. They come in all colors with either
metallic or nacreous scales. They are delicate goldfish because, apart from sporting upward-oriented eyes, they are also sensitive to cold water temperatures, and are unable to compete with more vigorous goldfish for food. Therefore, these fancy goldfish are best kept in a tank of their own.[2][3]
The eyes of young celestials are normal but gradually protrudes sideways and then turn upwards within a period of six months.[2]

The toadhead or hama-tou in
Japanese, is similar to the celestial eye but has more normal looking eyes, each supporting a small bladder-like growth beneath it.[2]

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