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Pompom (goldfish)

Pompoms or pompon or hana fusa[1] are a type of fancy goldfish that have bundles of loose fleshy outgrowths between the nostrils, on each side of the head.[2][3]

The pompom has a similar body shape and finnage to the
lionhead but instead of supporting a headgrowth it has nasal outgrowths. The extent of the nasal outgrowths, which are enlargements of the nasal septum, vary in pompom goldfish. In some, the outgrowths hang down past the mouth. These skin outgrowths around the nostrils of pompoms are developed through selective breeding. Pompoms may have either metallic or nacreous scalation, and can occur with or without a dorsal fin.[2][3]

The hana fusa or white pompom
oranda is an elegant pompom with a dorsal fin.[2]

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