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Telescope eye

The telescope eye or demekin is a fancy goldfish characterized by its protruding eyes. It is also known as globe eye or dragon eye goldfish.[1][2][3]

Except for its enlarged projecting eyes, the demekin is similar to the
ryukin. It has a deep body and long flowing fins. Demekins are available in red, red-and-white, calico, black-and-white, chocolate, blue, lavender, chocolate-and-blue and black coloration. They may either have metallic or nacreous scales. Telescope eyes can grow quite large.[1][2]

Black demekins are also referred to as moors such as the
black moor and the panda moor.[2]

Special care
Due to the telescope eye's poor vision, it is not mixed with more active goldfish varieties, and is housed in an aquarium without sharp and pointed objects.

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