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afra cichlid

The afra cichlid, Cynotilapia afra, is a freshwater fish of the cichlid family. It is also known as dogtooth cichlid. This fish is endemic to the central and northern parts of Lake Malawi and is found in rocky habitats. It prefers a pH range of 8.0–8.5 and a temperature range of 23–27°C.
The afra cichlid has an elongate body typically with vertical blue and black bars. However, there are many different colorations depending on the region the fish is from, for example, the male fish from
Kobwe have greenish stripes on blue-black body. They can grow up to 10 cm. Like many other cichlid from Lake Malawi, afra cichlids are mouthbrooders. Males defend boulders as their territories and feed from algae on those boulders. Females congregate in mid-water and feed from plankton.
Aquarium Care
Like many
mbuna cichlids, this is a notoriously aggressive fish that should be kept in a species or mbuna tank. The best practice is to keep one male with several females. They should be provided with large spaces with plenty of hiding shelters.

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