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Maylandia estherae (red zebra cichlid)

One of the well known Lake Malawi mbuna is Metriaclima estherae a rock dwelling cichlid from the east coast of Lake Malawi. These fish like, most cichlids from the lake, are 'mouthbrooders', females hold their fertilized eggs, then fry, in their mouth until they are released after about 21 days.
Females can grow up to 10
cm (4 in) while males will grow up to 12.7 cm (5 in).

Aquarium Care
The males are territorial and subordinate males will be picked on by the dominant or
alpha male. Like the other cichlids of this genus, are best kept in tanks harems with one male to many females. They prefer a rocky terrain providing numerous hiding places where weaker fish can find necessary shelter. Their predominate food source is algae though those in aquaria will take typical cichlid foods and some vegetable greens as a treat.

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